Hi, Iā€™m Chelsea! I'm a lifestyle photographer living in beautiful Fort Collins, CO with my husband and son. Ever since my high school photography class, I've had a passion for capturing the moments in peoples' lives that they will cherish forever.

Whether it's a newly engaged couple about to start their lives together or a young family laughing and playing, I love being able to capture people just being themselves with the ones they love most in the world.

I specialize in lifestyle photography, which basically just means that we meet, and you do your thing. My job is to guide you and help you feel comfortable so that you can take great pictures without feeling like you're being forced into awkward poses.

Play with your kids, joke with your spouse, whatever makes you happy. These kinds of photoshoots make for incredible photos that capture people and moments the way they should be remembered, real, loving, and completely you.

Get in touch to schedule a shoot today. Looking forward to meeting you!